About the Journal

Baghdad journal of medical students (BMJOS) is open access, free of charge, double-blinded peer-reviewed journal. 
Aims and scope

BMJOS aims to create a scientific site that houses researches done by medical students all around the country and the world. As encouraging future doctors to blossom their interest in researches is a milestone for medical sciences development.
The journal welcomes medical students' researches about all different specialties in medicine.

The journal is authorized and supervised by Baghdad university college of medicine.


The journal was founded by Mohammed Tareq  Mutar, Mustafa Majid, Ali Saad, Hasan Mudar, Mina Mohanad

Mohammed Tareq is Final year-Junior doctor interested in publishing and medical research related to clinical oncology. 


Mustafa Majid is Final year-Junior doctor interested in public health and awareness researches for Oncology and Hematology.    

Ali Saad Ali is Final year-Junior doctor interested in the scientific research related to the internal medicine from college of medicine university of Baghdad.

Hasan Mudar is Final year-Junior doctor interested in medical research and publishing.

Mina Mohanad is Final year-Junior doctor at University of Baghdad College of Medicine


Open access policy:
Baghdad Medical Journal Of Students provide an open access to all of its content make it freely and permanently available for the world to read, download, copy and distribute.

Peer-review process: 

Once the article is submitted, the article is first evaluated by the chief editor who will send it to the assistant editor according to their specialty. The assistant editor will assess the eligibility of the article for further processing by the peer reviewers. The Reviewers will recommend the assistant editors to accept, refuse or request further revision from the authors. The Assistant editor will have the final decision to accept, refuse or need further revisions. The assistant editor will send back the article to the authors requiring two types of revision, Major and minor revisions. Major revision includes changes that contribute significantly to content and structure that require further revisions. Minor revision includes subtle changes that do not contribute significantly to the content and do not require further submission. Once the article is accepted for the publishing, it will be sent for the Copyeditors, English specialists and proofreaders to be suitable for publication.

Plagiarism scan: 

The Journal is provided with a Plagiarism scan for every submitted paper.
The authors are encouraged to follow a strict approach to avoid plagiarism in the manuscript. This should not exceed 20%.

Digital Archiving Policy 

The journal uses digital archiving policy with PKP Preservation Network (PN) and CLOCKSS


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

The journal is licensed by Iraq National Library and Archive  and by InternationalStandard Serial Number International Center with a serial number ISSN  (2709-3697)


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