The Impact of using social media in a sample of Iraqi medical students in 2019

  • Ali Almawashee
  • Qaswer Yousif
  • Karrar Ali Idan
Keywords: social media, medical student, education




 Social media are tools that supports electronic conversation. suggested , social media are “a group of internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, that allow the creation and exchange of User Generated Content.

Aim of the study:

Is to identify the pattern of usage of social media among a sample of Iraqi medical students including the devices used, the time consumed, and   the purpose of usage.

Materials &Methods:

The study, which is a retrospective cross-sectional, was conducted among medical students at college of Medicine\Baghdad University at 2019 as an online survey for duration of 3 months

Data was entered and analyzed using spss version 24.Informed consent was obtained from the participants and the study was approved by the research committee in the college.


The mean age of the participants in this study was 20.8 with sd 1.78. Results had shown no significant association between the usefulness of social media for educational values and type of social media, device used, and the time spent on these media.

Results had shown that those who use social media more frequently were not significantly worried about the potential of social media abuse.


A study exploring more objectively the relationship between students’ use of social media with their academic achievements and what sort of social media interventions associated with better learning are probably needed. Such knowledge may be useful to guide medical educators to better utilize social media in their instructional strategies.

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Almawashee, A., Yousif, Q., & Ali Idan, K. (2020). The Impact of using social media in a sample of Iraqi medical students in 2019. Baghdad Medical Journal Of Students, 1(1).
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